Thursday, May 26, 2016



Everyone including me want our life to be EASY and EFFECTIVE. when I said everyone I mean it. In life all of us want things to be simple but most of the time we find things are complex. Here "THINGS" can be situations, issues, challenges which includes people whom we face while we are moving towards achieving our GOALS.

I was recently interacting with the Marketing head of an organization who are into automobile component industry. As we were discussing he was saying that there are many things to handle and lot of expectations of people need to be fulfilled. I could sense a kind of pressure going on in him, when I probed he said that it is not easy to handle the situations as many variables come in between. When I asked him about the goals and plans which they work on towards achieving their goals . He was saying that, "yes, we do work on it but before we accomplish our assignments that are currently in hand, it becomes tough for us as we need to work on other assignments that demands our attention as well, so we handle multiple assignments and projects parallely." As we discussed ahead, he was sharing how it is essential and important to handle emergency situation. I asked him so what he do during those time? He said, "we give more importance to solve the emergency situation in hand and as we come down to the one that we have planned we would have lost considerable time and now this assignment which should have completed 80%  become urgent"

This is called CRISIS MANAGEMENT which happen most of the time.

What we want? and as a manager especially?

Every one want to be a manager.
Every other manager want to be effective.
Every other manager want to fulfill their goals set and do more than that.
Every other manager want to do something creative.
Every other manager want to bring something new in their team.
Every other manager want to GROW to reach higher level.
and more...

But when you really ask them or if you are one then you will find out that it is tough and you need to put lot of effort in realizing the above wants.

So how your life will be if you can accomplish things with ease and you are effective in doing what you do?

I am sure you in what ever capacity want it. Let us see how to make our life EASY and EFFECTIVE.

If you want me to ask you few questions here they are.

Do you manage task? or Do you manage situation? or Do you manage people?

If your answer is "Task" then your life is almost running around behind every other task. what it mean is  that you will be only behind completing task. There will be no time for anyother thing in your life in terms of personal and professional enrichment, satisfaction, growth etc. You might end up as a TASK master.

If you had answered as "Situation" then you will be a "Crisis Master" in the sense that handling situations as and when it arise. And busy all the time handling situations that arise out towards accomplishing your objective.

When I said task master, crises master these managers involve themselves in their tasks and situations only, this is because our action follows where we focus our thoughts. In both case the objective is task and situation and not more than that. managers want accomplishment of  their task and handle their situations easily as well as effectively. which they might achieve upto certain extent not BEYOND THAT.

What does this mean?

you will understand when we can look into the answer for  third question. If you had answered as "PEOPLE" then this involves delegation of task and trusting them that they can handle their task better. When your task and situation been handled by your PEOPLE who are in executing then your GOALS will be achieved automatically.

Hope you are now clear what I meant. As a manager our job is to manage people of our attitudes, skills and knowledge when we do this then RESULTS happen. That is our team members start managing their task and handle everyother situation that arise easily and effectively.

Our life become EASY  and we become EFFECTIVE.

Where ever you are and what ever you are doing now, I invite you to take your time in developing your skills towards managing people.

If in the process you might need coaching or mentorship individually or  as a team you are always welcome to call me or mail me.

Let us live our life EASILY and EFFECTIVELY.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I had a presentation and my topic was LEVERAGE....

I showed a book of around 500 gms and asked if someone could lift it using little finger....
After placing the same book on a flat surface, I asked the participants if they could move the book with little touch of a finger.
I showed then a sheet of paper and asked if you can tear or cut.

Everyone said yes. Then I asked them if they can do with only three fingers.

Everyone's eyebrows raised with a curiosity and mostly the reply was a big NO.

I said this is the common reaction of average humans when they are faced with problems or challenges.

At the first instance they say NO without even analyzing much about it.

All the above are easy.....with the concept called LEVERAGE.


To cut a paper with three fingers it is very simple use SCISSORS

To lift the book with little finger. place that book inside the bag and you can hold or life with your little finger effortlessly.

To move the book with a little push that the book can slide easily is by placing pencils below the book and with little touch it is very easy for the book to roll as the suface area of book is minimized because of the pencils below. As the pencils are round it is easy that they role.

The human race would have not evolved if the invention of wheels would have not occurred.

So what is exactly happening.

very simple this is called LEVERAGE.

Let us now understand the theory behind LEVERAGE.

Here the huge stone is been lifted or moved with minimal effort.

This is basic physics. Where to move that manually by hand it take many people as well as lot of effort to accomplish the task. Instead if the leaver is used with appropriate FULCRUM then with very minimal pressure you can move or lift the rock.

Similarly, for you problems and challenges you need appropriate leaver and fulcrum. If you have this then it is very simple to move anything.

Problems and challenges are like this huge rock in life and one spends all his or her energy without knowing how to move it effortlessly.

By this if you can you can by your lifes experience or from books or from friends, relatives, training's you can get the leaver and fulcrum but you might be not in a position to reach the desired result or it might take long time for you to accomplish your goals or you might want to leave the goal and get into your comfort zone or keep on thinking and thinking that your ideas are not matching.

All these might not help you in your personal, professional and business results.

A experienced COACH and MENTOR can help you identify your LEAVER and FULCRUM so that you can easily move and transcend your huge ROCK or even MOUNTAIN and achieve your goals, raise your performance, lead a happy and successful life, make most out of your life, take your business to your next level.

We believe in LEVERAGE and this is our major area of focus.

Come to relish your success with us.

Empowering and Enriching Lives, .

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NLP - Science of Communication

Neuro Language is a concept been practiced by me for more than a decade.

Why you need to use Neuro Language?

There are many languages around like,

English, Spanish, Hindi, Kannada, Spanish, Punjabi, Mexican, Telugu etc
Body Language
Para Language

So Language is a way to communicate. Communication is where you use a language to express yourself or oneself.

Why you use language to express?

You use language to express because you have something to make others to UNDERSTAND.

In the process of communication

YOU                              ------------------------->                       OTHER PERSON        (OUTCOME)

                                            LANGUAGE                                                                    UNDERSTAND

When I started practicing NEURO LANGUAGE, I was in a way used it because I found in many levels something is missing in the puzzle. The outcome in communication is what you have in you to express is what been understood by the other person.

In terms of NLP Presupposition is " Communication is what the response you get". This means that if you get a other response than what you had intended it means that you had not communicated properly. So in order for you to ensure that other person responds in the way you want him or her to is to keep on fine tuning your self to express in that state of absolute response.

Great communicators all most all the time use this. This made me think how is that possible? and how can I have it?

In the process I got a clue. The clue is very simple, if you had read the above lines and if you had understood it then it become obvious for you of the word that been mentioned.

mostly you got it, or you want to get it from below.


What fine tuning mean. Like say until you get a clear picture in your TV set you keep on fine tuning the frequency. so fine tuning happens inside the system, like wise the way one communicate to express oneself happens by fine tuning oneself inside oneself neurologically. The language used within oneself is what I term as NEURO LANGUAGE.

The moment one had fine tuned within then the next step is EXPRESSION.

Expression is possible using verbal and non verbal mode. verbally any language is used that both of them understands( you the sender and the other the receiver).

until the fine tuning is right inside there is no possibility of achieving the desired outcome from the other person.

Neuro Language helps one to fine tune ones perception.

Perception is based on the MAPs that we have.

let us explore more in upcoming write ups.

Till then, REFLECT, APPLY, PRACTICE and let me know.

Certified NLP Master Trainer - NFNLP,
Certified Trainer - INLPTA, ABNLP, .

Monday, August 22, 2011

NLP Outcomes Vs benefits

Anything on earth that you want to have and have with you now had fulfilled your criteria’s and expectations that you had from within, similarly the benefits can also be known in terms of NLP model as how it is widely known for so long with the multitude of successful personalities who had been aware of the patterns of NLP models and techniques that keep them to be the best in whatever they are doing say it as outcome not just an outcome but WELL FORMED OUTCOMES that you derive out of anything that you do. NLP is a technology to achieve these WELL FORMED OUTCOMES.

What does this mean how different is it from benefits?

Benefits assign a kind of value that any other programs wants to offer by the end of the course and which may not be the case most of the time as mostly these programs, course is more on WHY and WHAT and not on HOW. As anyone who just at a minimum practices the NLP techniques not even knowing logic behind these techniques like driving a car does not need a mandatory criteria to know and understand the complete engineering know how, but while you are driving all the technology that is car is based is on the engineering science providing the artistic comforts that somewhere we had been used to saying as one benefit along with some other benefits that you enjoy while driving like speed, economy, fuel efficiency, capacity etc been seen, heard and felt by our senses is only because of your experience of using your car as the benefits manifested in applying the NLP techniques for almost all who had used it in the way it is.

Outcome is well defined primarily and you clarify

What you want?
When you want it?
Where you want it?
With whom you will have it?
What resources you have?
What resources you need?

The above definitely determine your outcomes that you always desired to have, is what NLP process empowers you to have.

When one is speaking about outcomes then anyone is aware that anything that you do is based on an outcome and NLP is where you realize that it is a desired outcome that you will have. Outcomes may be from within you in the way you think, act and behave. Thoughts are essential for one to do some action but for the actions that lead you to a successful behavior need a set of systematic actions that can lead you to the desired outcome is what we as NLP ers are speaking about. As you think you agree that thinking is a process and it is automatic and if you are thinking while you are reading in the same way then it may not be so because NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience.

As it is common when as a child you thought how difficult was to write and read a sentence now you are absolutely confident that it can be learned in the way you and others had learned it as you experience now in reading continuously till here and comprehending what you read is a definite proof of what we are speaking about. Now as NLP models make you aware of the structure of your thoughts, thought patterns and the procedures and strategies behind these thoughts, patterns and procedures. Like any programmer knows that there is a structure behind all program codes and a problem generated by the software has a structure the programmer trouble shoots it to identify the bug and does the necessary changes for the smooth running of the software by the client. NLP makes you identify and trouble shoot the challenging thoughts, strategies, routines and procedure deep in your mind ware and to reprogram it effectively by your own self, taking complete responsibility for the change created by you in achieving the desired action by constantly reprogramming continuously till the outcome is achieved.

By the way NLP is like an open source and you can make it work in the way you want to as a keyboard generates tunes based on the one who plays it. It is like clay as one grows form child to adult, one know what outcome one need from the clay and makes the model out of it. Everyone within a short time had realized the changes deep inside their mind as they are aware of how important their mind is for them and most importantly their proficiency as a wizard in using their own brain for success.

NLP, the best communication model as people say that communication is to understand the other person, their model of representation of world their beliefs and values that from the background is responsible in the model of representation. Communication as you are aware has a monologue and a dialogue. In case of monologue the speaker keep on speaking without even considering what the other person want, need, is thinking about etc thus the speech is considered monologue. In case of dialogue as the word connotes where there is mutual sharing (“dia” means two, “mono” means one) of information for better understanding, where there is participation. All expert communicators do make their communication relevant to others by making others involve. NLP bring ones awareness of others perception as well as their own so that the level, quality of communication increases in a 360 degree angle creating direction in realizing desired results.

NLP as experts have experienced is an experience in the process of modeling the successful actions, behaviors of successful achievers. If you want some skill, behavior that you see, hear and feel that you lack and you want it to achieve your outcome then by the process of NLP modeling it is easy that you model the strategies like thinking, deciding, spelling, playing, leading, selling, communicating, listening, reading, writing etc. behaviors that is the combination of the way you think and act for achieving the outcome easily, quickly and naturally.

One question that any intelligent person who had not had experienced NLP has is this
Is there not successful people and personalities who had achieved success without NLP?
Yes, few and what we are is doing is unconsciously we are trying to learn by reading their books, listening to their talks, attending to workshops, seminars etc without knowing

How they do what they have done or doing?
When they do it?
What kind of thoughts they think before doing what they do?
How they think?
What kind of decisions they take in different kind of situations that leads them to achieve their success?
How to do in the way they have done or doing? Etc.

If one knows the answers for the above then it is just a cake walk of doing what your model (role model) did/ does isn’t it? Guess.

NLP process does not give only answers for the above but also actually doing it. We call this as MODELLING EXCELLENCE. This empowers you to create your benchmark in whatever you do and break it. Enhances your performance to deliver your complete each time you do something. You take complete control of destabilizing, interrupting, disturbing emotions. You become charismatic where ever and with who ever you are as your power of influence and persuade had increased you becoming a leader.

Finally NLP is process oriented we are not bothered about “WHY” of anything from your past because you are what you are NLP propels you to achieve your outcomes. NLP is a systematic way of understanding your mind, working with your mind it is a manual for your mind.

God may forgive your sins but your nervous system won’t – Alfred Korybzky. NLP the technology to change had changed billions for past four and a half decades and is continuing. Every one change easily and to manifest desires achieve success is simple and much faster beyond our imagination with NLP as there are no failures only FEEDBACK.

Shihan C.J.Jeyachander

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sensory sharpness

I was in a event recently, this is all about a get together meet where many were there to discuss on the happening on a topic that every one were passionate about. Few dignitories been invited, as usual as any other even the event too had started with an introduction of the dignitories on the dias and the gathering was formally commenced. While on the move of the whole process a person just entered in and sat back as if observing the whole proceedings and the organizers of the meet were very much involved in their own actions, talks along with the people around where by this person waited for nearly 30 minutes and left the place by sending a note to the organizer informing his presence. As the organizer got hold of the information found to be insearch of the person who just left, asking any one and everyone around, even left the people who he had been busy with a little time ago but he was disappointted as he could not find him. later I came to know that the visitor was an most important dignitory whom the organizer we of the opinion that he might not attent the gathering and had totally forgotten about him.

Now what is the key learning from this?

How many of us do the same, not only during the events, family functions etc but also in every moment of our life?

Relationship lost is bussiness lost..isnt it?

What is more important is completely aware every moment in our life, but mostly we become unconscious as we are always in a kind of trance of our own priorities running deep within. One qquestion for everyone here to think of is how sensorial is your senses are? Think for a moment. in a busy crowdy, noisy gathering can you hear to your wife, subbordinates, cooleague's voice, in a given situation can your eyes indentify any difference in the changes immediately?, can your sense of feeling catch hold of temperature changes that happens around you and inside you?.

If yes? then what degree?

Now this is of real importance, because even this might getaway from you as only certain words, sentences can be caught hold of by your mind and the other information which may of much importance can be lost. Become aware of this now.

Understand the habbitual process that had become so ritualistic and mechanical that one looses out the oppurtunity available out.

Every moment is a moment of oppurtunity if one is aware of seeing, hearing and feeling what the others the mee too followers just misses and only the successful persons grab it.


NLP the key that opens the door to unlimited oppurtunities.

Shihan C.J.Jeyachander, .

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Only Feedback

Dear Friends,
Greetings, Guess every one had probably heared of the saying "Failures are stepping stone of success". Once upon a time even I used to habitualy think of the power behind the saying. Actualy this repetition of it gives a kind of solace within but not the change from the situation, environment, we are in. What do I mean by this?, Very simple first of all in any emotional situation most of us are very much attached into the situation emotionaly without a way out. Ones thinking faculty is very much biased and prejudicial to think and rationalize only for the person in the problem. Very few can think on the other persons, situation point of view. Traditionaly people say this as "Narrow Minded" and " Broad Minded". I guess this is just once again a labeling of the approach which we all do it even now,

but let us just think "How was my thinking was during my last pressurised moment?"
Honestly answer this, mentaly might be good but jotting down will surely help you to grow and may you might become aware as many say in our seminars that when you ask me to write it down nothing comes out, it is all empty.

All these are patterns of mind for you to become aware of your own mind.
Now once again to the story, How was yours?, just read the list written down, one will find how much the thionking was onesided, always towards satisfying ones EGO, rationalizing all the previous moments with the person and mind thinking about it, and ther is no

Let go, thinking beyond the context, outside from other point of view, etc..

Now the question within you might be "How is this is related to the saying failure is the stepping stone of success?"

When one can think of this saying means the mind is moving from slef based biased and prejudicial pattern of thinking into finding a way out into the creative area. I am just reffering to the meta state that pattern that is running the pattern of thinking.

I always wonder how is that many NLP practitioners and trainers like there are many engineers who also say that they are engineers with an qaulification but we all know that only few can really excell in the way they implement effectively. NLP works in the meta level even for this ones internal level must evovle.

Right facilitation and guidance help one to achieve the desired output.

Shihan C.J.Jeyachander, .

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"God may forgive your sins but nervous system wont" - Alfred Korybki

Realizing the truth behind the above quote is profound for one to reflect and understand. Humans are what they carry in their store house the mind. Behaviour is the outcome or the reflection that is lying inside. Behaviour which is conscious is at some point based on either to reduce pain on to enhance pleasure. Behaviours which is unconscious is not under ones control because one is just got hijacked by themselves though these behaviours are directed either to reduce pain or to enhance pleasure. Mostly we are living in this kind of situation, which gives unproductive results and their by resulting failure.

Only feedbacks no failures the presupposition is very true for one to consider here and ever because humans are designed to learn from experience and this learning keeps them alive ever for them to recognize, react, act, proact, decide what kind of action , when by whom in what way can be materialized. Learning is a process and is based on the routine the person had been programed if the strategy is good then fine if not one needs to revise and search for an upgradation.

NLP - neurological level which sends the signals in the way of synaptical interface by chemical as well as ionic exchange determine your behavior. The faster the interface and communication within the neurons the faster the REFLEX ACTION is. Objective level of NLP help in creating a methdolical, systemized and procedural way of communication within and with other people to achieve the desired result through language. Language is for making the other person understand and most importantly what you want them to understand for your objective of your communication to be reached is definitely under your zone because one might understand differently as language has the possibility of showing multiple directions and even the maps of other person or the group is like that, It is our responsibility to direct our communication for the betterment.

Programming for success is designed through self awareness with openness to identify the strategies and programs in the system of human which is old and not required or with a kind of updation is the first step of understanding to learn from NLP.

NLP is a learning process as there is no end for this world to evolve then one might realize before hand how you may start taking reponsibility of making the life in the way you may design it. Creator is what you are but before that sooner you might get to understand NLP by learning with the right team to maintain the QUALITY and STANDARD of your life that you want to be standing out and unique.

NLP the Way - Shihan C.J.Jeyachander C.Ht., CMT NLP., Authorized Master Trainer NFNLP(USA)